Porsche 924 944 rear bush kit. With Anti roll bar.

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Porsche 924 and early 944 rear bush kit. 

This kit is for models WITH rear anti-roll bar only.

Kit includes :-

Axle carrier bushes x 2 PFR57-220 £69.99 (the ones in the aluminium arm that bolts to the inner sill)

Rear trailing arm to axle bush x 2 PFR57-222 £69.99 the bush in the trailing arm that bolts through the bracket on the rear axle. 

Torsion bar plate, swing plate, to axle tube bush x 2 £67.99 these are the ones inside the aluminium rear axle carrier and inside the actual axle tube, the spring plate pivots on these.

Anti roll bar bush x 2  PFF57-209-14 (16/20) £35.99

Total cost would be £243.96 buy the bundle and save.