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Free shipping on all UK orders over £250* conditions apply. We offer international shipping. Collection service from Solihull is available.
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Porsche 944 85.5-92 20x22 teeth speedo odometer gear. - Porsche Spares UK Ltd
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Porsche 911 / 944 85.5-92 20x22 teeth speedo odometer gear set

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20x22 Gear for Porsche 911 944 Mph Speedometer Odometer Repair

excellent workmanship

If the odometer/daily odometer has failed on your vehicle, this gear is almost always the cause. The original beige/brown gears crumble after the years due to a material defect and need to be replaced.

Total diameter = 17,60mm (20 teeth)
Diameter smaller gear = 9.40mm (22 teeth)
Measured from tooth tip to tooth tip.

Occasionally, the 20x29 is also installed in the 928. Just search in the store for "20x29". Models with mileage tachometer always have the 20x21 installed!
We can say with great certainty, but not 100% certainty, which model has which gear size installed. Too many influencing factors (engine type/transmission type/transmission/differential type/year/model) play into this.
However, the following data will reliably help determine the correct gear:
20x21 (17.60mm/9.00mm) number of teeth opposite mating gear: 49 teeth 911/928 mph/944
20x22 (17.60mm/9.40mm) number of teeth opposite mating gear: 48 teeth 911/944 mph
20x23 (17.60mm/9.65mm) number of teeth opposite mating gear: 47 teeth 944(S2)/911(G)
20x29 (17.60mm/12.05mm) number of teeth opposite mating gear: 41 teeth some 928 km/h
20x30 (17.60mm/12.55mm) number of teeth opposite partner gear: 40 teeth 911/944
20x32 (17.60mm/13.40mm) number of teeth opposite partner gear: 38 teeth 928 km/h

Just count the teeth of the gear this gear meshes with and/or use the dimensions to help you.

We have over 100 gear variants in our assortment and can supply the matching gears if required!

+ all alternative sizes constantly in stock
+ fast exchange service in case of size deviation.

For the repair, we will send you by email an illustrated repair manual (German / English). In addition, you can find suitable repair videos on YouTube.

Buying a used speedometer initially saves the repair, but also carries the risk that the gear breaks in a timely manner. In particular, storage times and cold temperatures additionally damage the gears. Due to an incorrect choice of material by VDO, all original gears of this type will break over time!
If you ever disassemble the speedometer, it is also recommended to replace the bulbs. These lose noticeable power over the years.

Our gears are intricately injection molded true to the original and are not 3D printed proprietary parts. We work with a manufacturer that specializes in the production of plastic gears and is the global market leader with its repair solutions.
The so-called involute tooth geometry is maintained, which is the only way to ensure low-friction sliding of the tooth flanks between the gear pairs.
The material we use is the thermoplastic Celron with graphite additives. These ensure low friction and wear-free operation.

partworks is a German brand which specializes in the reproduction of young and oldtimer spare parts. Special emphasis is placed on high quality and good service. More than 15,000 car fans worldwide are already satisfied customers with the small company from Paderborn. As a specialist company for classic car spare parts, partworks GmbH is aware of the quality demands of its customers. Therefore, when it comes to subsequent developments, you can be sure that the requirements are very closely oriented to the original or even exceed them. With our own engineering department and internal testing, we can ensure the reliability of our products. Last but not least, our DIN-ISO certified quality management confirms the thoroughness of our work.

Reference numbers:
92864110130, 928.641.101.30, 928 641 101 30, 92864110331, 928.641.103.31, 928 641 103 31, 92864115003, 928.641.150.03, 928 641 150 03, 92864115101, 928.641.151.01, 928 641 151 01, 110008185004, 110008229001, 110008387023

Scope of delivery:
1 gear wheel

Suitable for:
Some Porsche 911 (75-89) (older models = mechanical speedometers have the M17 installed).
all Porsche 944-II (from 05.85) with mileage tachometer
Most 911 (75-89) have the 20x30 installed
some the 20x21 or this 20x22
The 944 KM/h speedo usually has the 20x21 installed
sometimes also the 20x30 or occasionally the 20x23
All gears can be found in the store via search e.g. "20x21"
Although we can with great certainty
but can not say with 100% certainty
which model has which gear size installed. Here play too many influencing factors (engine type / transmission type / transmission / differential type / year / model) with. If, contrary to expectation, you need a different gear